Technology, Meet Photography

Filmed on February 19, 2015 in San Francisco
Silicon Valley is the promise land for entrepreneurs, technologists and creatives alike. Few have the experience of translating one discipline to the other with such gusto as Helena Price. Leaving her prosperous startup career, Helena dovetailed her experience into a creative empire with a major client portfolio including companies like Square, Uber, Airbnb, Dropbox, Nike, Levi’s, Rdio and more. Other accomplishments include mastering the art of cat selfies. Join us to hear firsthand about following your passion while building a business.

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Helena Price

Helena Price is a commercial, editorial and portrait photographer based in San Francisco, California. Raised in a small town in North Carolina, Helena has been making photos since she was six years old, getting her start shooting with disposable cameras from Wal-Mart.

At 25, Helena ditched her prospering Silicon Valley career to try and make photos full-time. Within two years, she was named “Silicon Valley’s Most Wanted Photographer,” working on projects with Facebook, Fitbit, Google, Microsoft, Nike, Pinterest, Twitter, Uber, Square and more. Her work has been featured on ABC, CNN, The New York Times, Fast Company, Fortune, The Guardian, Inc. and more, and Huffington Post named her one of the “Top 30 Most Influential Photographers on the Web.” She no longer shoots with disposable cameras from Wal-Mart.