Storytelling, Emergence, & Growth

Filmed on September 15, 2016 in San Francisco
The most essential technological experiences tell compelling stories and evolve in an emergent manner. They do not become essential through iteration, but through the continuous process of emerging into a new category of experience. Furthermore, rapid adoption and strong retention can be attributed to the clarity and simplicity of the user journeys in any experience. How do we mesh the art of storytelling and the science of growth to make what we design essential — moving humanity in ways previously not possible?

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Ryan Walsh
Partner, Floodgate Fund & former VP Product, Beats Music / Apple

Ryan Walsh currently serves as a Partner at Floodgate, where he leads early stage investments in technology companies. A student of great products and how they impact culture, his focus areas include marketplaces, subscription businesses, and products that include unique network effects and social psychology.

Prior to Floodgate, Ryan directed product management for media at Apple, including Apple Music and the iTunes stores for movies, music, and television. He joined Apple as part of the Beats by Dre acquisition, where he was Vice President of Product, managing design, product development, analytics, and growth.

Ryan hosts an annual storytelling event in Palm Springs, participates regularly in The Moth and selects for SF’s own Listening Sessions series.