Experiences Everywhere: Designing for a Multi-Device World

Filmed on December 11, 2014 in San Francisco
People today use multiple connected devices—PCs, smartphones, tablets, TVs, and beyond—switching between them, and using them together in order to accomplish a single goal. Still, most products merely replicate the same experience across devices, substituting solos for what could be an orchestra. In this session, I'd like to introduce ‘The 3C’s”- an ecosystem approach for designing multi-device experiences, one that focuses on context.

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Michal Levin
Author of "Designing Multi-Device Experiences", Staff UX Designer at Google
Michal Levin is a senior User Experience designer at Google, and author of the book "Designing Multi-Device Experiences" by O'Reilly Media (2014). In a UX career of over 10 years, she has designed a wide variety of experiences for web, mobile and TV. In addition, Michal regularly mentors startups and speaks at international UX conferences.