Situational Design & The Art of Nonchalance

Filmed on March 20, 2014 in San Francisco
The artists of Nonchalance create real-world adventures in which participants are whisked down a rabbit hole of urban discovery. Utilizing automated environments, augmented reality, and game design, these immersive narrative-driven experiences are embedded in the civic realm, where the lines between reality and fantasy are obliterated. The creators of Oaklandish and the Jejune Institute (recently the subject of a documentary feature film) will discuss their roots, ideology, and the upcoming release of their newest project.

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Jeff Hull
Creative Director of Nonchalance
Jeff Hull began his foray into the public arts in 1979 when he was a child performer at Oakland's Fairyland storybook theme park. Nascent time spent in this wonderland setting inspired much of his life & work since, motivating him to infuse more variability and play into our work-a-day world. With over 20 consecutive “Best of the East Bay” awards to his credit, he is also the founder of inner city playground activities such as the Urban Capture the Flag League, the Lake Merritt Radio Regatta, and the Liberation Drive-In.