Scaling Design Research

Nov 1, 2018 @ 7 p.m. in San Francisco

When beginning their project to redesign the city of San Francisco’s website, the San Francisco Digital Services team had a question: “What should the website of a diverse city be like?” To answer this question, SFDS teamed up with design studio DesignMap to conduct research with San Francisco residents and to train city government employees as user researchers. Through a series of workshops, the team trained 40 government employees to gather qualitative and quantitative data from regular San Francisco citizens they met in coffeeshops and other public places, as well as how to synthesize that data into guiding principles for the city’s new website. In this talk we will walk through the process of doing user research at scale, the results we gathered from our research with 113 San Franciscans, and some glimpses into how this research impacts the look and feel of the city’s new website.

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Carrie Bishop

Chief Digital Services Officer, City and County of SF

Carrie is the Chief Digital Services Officer for the City and County of San Francisco. She loves her job. Working with a team inside the city, she is responsible for creating excellent city services that are digital and accessible to all. Prior to working at the city, Carrie was based in London, running FutureGov, a digital design agency for public services. Carrie passionately believes in public services designed around the people that use them. Follow her on Twitter @carriebish.

Nina Gannes

Designer at DesignMap

As a Designer at DesignMap, Nina Gannes likes making things that make sense. At DesignMap and other design agencies, Nina has designed for a range of established companies including Adobe, eBay, and Kaiser Permanente, as well as startups trying to solve important problems ranging from healthcare to marketing. Her work has been highly lauded by her clients, users, managers and mother.

Maureen Hanratty

Design Director at DesignMap

Maureen is a Design Director at DesignMap, a UX design studio located in the Mission. At DesignMap Maureen has led projects for clients such eBay and Kaiser Permanente as well as several early stage health care startups. Before DesignMap Maureen worked at Mozilla where she helped design the app store for Mozilla’s web-based mobile operating system Firefox OS and at Yahoo where she worked on the home page and social products.