Revitalizing Unloved Devices

Filmed on January 17, 2013 in San Francisco
While ‘next generation’ is a common term in the tech world, there are certain industries that have been stagnant for decades, with little innovation. What happens to these forgotten, unloved devices and what causes this stagnation? Matt Rogers, co-founder of Nest Labs, the company that brought life back to the thermostat and put a spotlight on the entire industry, will discuss his firsthand experiences in reinventing whole product categories and bringing desirability to once forgotten gadgets.

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Matt Rogers
Co-Founder of Nest, responsible for original iPod software
Prior to founding Nest, Matt was responsible for iPod software development at Apple, from concept to production. He is passionate about mobile products, loves team building and rapid productization. Matt earned his BS and MS degrees from Carnegie Mellon University.