Popular versus Brilliant

Filmed on February 11, 2016 in San Francisco
Jim Bull is worried about the future of design and thinks you should be too. Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Moving Brands, Jim dissects an industry where design is judged by the number of its likes and shares, where the focus is on efficiency rather than brilliance, and where one or two companies set the design standard for the globe.

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Jim Bull
Co-Founder of Moving Brands
Jim Bull co-founded Moving BrandsĀ® in 1998. He was instrumental in developing the innovative Moving BrandsĀ® approach to branding, storytelling and experience design which has seen the company become the leading independent, global creative company it is today. As Chief Creative Officer, Jim is responsible for the creative output of the business across its studios in London, Zurich, San Francisco and New York. He is based in San Francisco where he has creatively led engagements with clients such as Microsoft, Google, Sony, Apple and DeviantArt. Jim is a regular keynote speaker and interviewee for creative, design and business publications. He's been featured in Fast Company, Design Indaba, Adhesive & Co, The Venture and more.