Nudging People to Act: Secrets of Yelp's Success

Sep 27, 2018 @ 6 p.m. in Chicago

Yelp has over 150 million reviews, nearly 70% of which were written from mobile devices. How the hell did they convince people to donate their valuable time writing detailed, thoughtful tomes about everything from Persian food to plumbers? Was it cash money? Promises of fame and fortune? Did Yelp's community managers look disapprovingly whenever Yelp Elite's writing volume would wane, like a parent at a teenage child when they came home after curfew? Between zero and three of these techniques were attempted, but that isn't where the magic of motivating review writing came from.

In this talk, Yelp's former VP of consumer and mobile products will reveal the specific tactics Yelp used to build one of the most active and prolific communities online today. He'll talk about what worked, what didn't work, and give dozens of examples of product mechanics that can be applied to a wide variety of consumer product problems. He also promises to use the phrases "cheater bump", "gentle admonishment" and "Kim Kardashian".

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Eric Singley

Head of Product at Triggr Health 

Eric was VP of Consumer & Mobile Products at Yelp where he oversaw all of Yelp’s consumer-facing products including mobile, web, growth, search, and product design. Recently, he jointed Triggr Health in Chicago as their head of product. Triggr is both the first predictive system of care for addiction recovery, and a platform to facilitate positive, supportive connection among the members of its online community. Eric holds a B.S. in Computing & Information Systems and a minor in Psychology from Northwestern University. He is also a proud Minnesotan and enjoys Skittles.