Managing Online Personality Disorder

Mar 23, 2017 @ 7 p.m. in New York
How does today's creative professional find the headspace to focus? When time spent managing social media accounts, updating Instagram, tweeting, maintaining a portfolio, and running a blog overwhelms the headspace needed to create the work, how do we determine what to filter? Which forms of technology and tools help, and which hinder? And when work branches out from one niche to several, how do we redesign the “brand” that is us into one package?

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Jacqueline Raposo
Writer, Editor, and Radio Host

Jacqueline Raposo is a freelancer writer, editor, and radio host who writes about people who make food, chronic illness, and interpersonal relationships for clients including Saveur, Plate, Tasting Table, Bust, Cosmopolitan, Town & Country, and The Village Voice. As the producer and co-host of Love Bites Radio on Heritage Radio Network, she explores “why and how we love” by interviewing a smattering of authors, entrepreneurs, and folks in art and hospitality.

Jacqueline is the editor of the storytelling site Wonderment & Co, and the founder of #MarchingWithMe, an initiative with the non-profit Suffering the Silence connecting people with chronic illness and disability with boots-on-the-ground advocates.

She frantically manages this from her Washington Heights apartment in New York City. Owning a dog helps.