Letters to a Young Designer

Feb 16, 2017 @ 7 p.m. in San Francisco

By definition, culture is the manifestation of collective human intellectual achievement. In the design world, culture is not your color palette or your preferred typeface. Design culture is the result of how you act on your values and beliefs. In this series of lightning talks, design leaders from Slack, Facebook, and Pinterest will share personal stories about their journeys in Design, how design culture shaped their experiences, moments of success and failure, and other advice for young designers – an ode to Letters to a Young Poet.

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Kristy Tillman
Head of Communication Design at Slack

Prior to leading Communications Design at Slack, Kristy Tillman served as the Design Director at Society Grownups. She cut her teeth as a designer at IDEO in the Boston studio for almost 4 years, and her track record also includes PUMA and Reebok. She also spends her time on a volunteer basis with Code2040 on the Curriculum Steering Committee. Kristy believes in the future.

Russ Maschmeyer
Product Design Manager at Facebook

Russ Maschmeyer is a Product Design Manager helping to shape the future of Facebook search and profile. He’s also a father and builds furniture for funsies. His wife is far more talented and internet-famous than he is, and that suits him just fine.

Mia Blume
Design Leader 

Mia Blume is a product designer living in San Francisco. Currently, she advises companies on how to build useful, well-crafted products and shape healthy design organizations. Previously, she led teams at Pinterest, Square, and IDEO. She has designed at scale for both Fortune 500 companies and startups, developed international products, and built teams in rapid growth environments. She's passionate about collaborative design as a means to solve complex systemic problems.

Tim Belonax
Senior Brand Designer at Pinterest
Tim Belonax is currently a designer at Pinterest working on projects that bring the brand to life. Previously, he was a design lead at Airbnb and a principal designer at Facebook’s Analog Research Lab. He’s launched new brands, redesigned existing ones, and created many things in between. He’s an Adjunct Professor at California College of the Arts and serves on the board for the San Francisco Center for the Book and Designer Fund’s Bridge Guild.