Let's Talk Design Ops

May 2, 2019 @ 6:30 p.m. in San Francisco

Design isn't just about art and creativity. Sometimes you need to put systems and processes in place to get things done. In this session of Designers + Geeks, we'll take a look at the processes, tools, and systems that operationalize creative work.

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Jon Kerwin

Product Designer, Thumbtack

I've been a designer for over a decade now, dipping my toe in marketing, product, management, and am currently in love with all things design systems. As a design systems designer, I'm tasked with making everyone's job a little bit easier by supporting the product team in a unique way that allows everyone to work a little bit faster. When I'm not thinking about patterns, logic, and accessibility, I'm usually hanging out with my dog or I'm outside cycling/exploring. I love a good adventure with a good camera. I'm currently training for AIDS LifeCycle, which is a 545 mile bike ride from SF to LA, so if you enjoy what I have to say and feel like showing some love, find me on social media and get my donation link.
Krystal Lauk
Owner and Art Director at Krystal Lauk Studios and Illustrator at Thumbtack

Krystal Lauk is the owner of San Francisco boutique agency Krystal Lauk Studios, specializing in art direction, tech-orientated illustration, and visual design. Under her studio she has had the pleasure of working with Uber, Google, Intercom, and The New York Times, with her most recent long term engagement being with Thumbtack. Her work has been recognized by American Illustration, the Society of Illustrators, and 3×3 magazine. When she’s in the studio you’ll often find her vigilantly stopping her two naughty cats from playing with her pen.

Alice Yang

Illustrator, Uber

Alice Yang is a San Francisco based designer and illustrator. As part of the Brand Experience team at Uber, her current focus consists of furthering the company’s illustration style and integrating illustration as a visual system into product and marketing strategies. At a personal level, illustration is a language for things unsaid, and her mission is to capture the narratives that escape words. In a previous life she was a product designer at Symphony Commerce, and before that she was a software engineer at Electronic Arts. She received her Master of Science in Engineering in Computer Graphics and Game Technology from the University of Pennsylvania.

Jason Armstrong

Design Program Manager, Studio XD at Netflix

Jason is a Design Ops practitioner with over a decade of experience in both agencies and software companies. He's a graduate from Pratt's Design Management program and has worked with clients including MasterCard, Microsoft, and Accenture as well as serving as an in-house design program manager at Airbnb and Hootsuite. His focus is on adaptive and cost-effective design and management practices.

Robert Gianino

Group Program Manager, Adobe Design Operations

Drawing from his experience of working on creative teams for over 15 years, Rob Gianino works as the Design Enrichments manager for Adobe Design. In his role, he’s responsible for building team engagement across Adobe’s centralized, 300 member experience design organization. His team focuses on building a portfolio of programming that inspires creativity, nurtures continuing professional development, and builds a sense of community across several office across the globe. Rob is also passionate about pizza to a degree that some would argue is unhealthy.