Last Things First: A Redesign Strategy That Actually Works

Jan 28, 2016 @ 7 p.m. in New York
Design trends come and go faster than ever these days. The style you agonized over last year may already look dated compared to the new hotness. And feature development is so rapid that even the simplest UI can turn into a complicated mess of functionality overnight. This brings us to the inevitable redesign. If you've ever worked on one, you're probably familiar with high stakes, massive amounts of uncertainty, and constant fear of user backlash. Join us to learn about a new approach to redesigning that mitigates the risks and guarantees you'll win over the hearts of your users.

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Vanessa Koch & Sam Goertler
Product & Design at Asana
Vanessa Koch is a product designer and design manager at Asana. She led their recent redesign, which launched last fall to critical acclaim and 99% opt-in rate. 

Sam Goertler is a product manager at Asana. She partnered with Vanessa on the redesign and now leads Asana's new team in Brooklyn.