Humans Vs. Employees

Filmed on November 9, 2017 in San Francisco
Join Justin Kerr (MR CORPO) to talk about what it takes to succeed in today's workplace. Good bosses, bad bosses, crying, email fights, promotions, vacations, bonuses, interviews, partying, feedback - work: Let's talk about it. Based on 17 years of hard earned failures (and successes) Justin will talk about how to get credit for all the work you do, how to know when your boss doesn't trust you, and how to make sure you get promoted every year for the rest of your life. Self-described "efficiency monster, author of How to write an email and mouthpiece of the MR CORPO PODCAST, Justin will also talk about his new book How to be a boss which officially launches November 1, 2017. Event will include book signing and Q&A.

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Justin Kerr
Author of How to Be a Boss
Justin is helping us all survive life in the workplace. He is the author of the rogue corporate playbook HOW TO WRITE AN EMAIL and mouthpiece of MR CORPO podcast, Justin is a self-described efficiency monster. He has been the youngest senior executive at some of the world's biggest apparel companies including Old Navy, Levis and UNIQLO, running billion dollar businesses while finding time to write 14 books, tour the country with his rock band and keep 100,000 bees on his roof.