A Humanist Take on Digital Experience

Feb 23, 2017 @ 7 p.m. in New York

In a fragmented media landscape of “alternative facts,” disputed science, and larger-than-life personalities, what’s a designer (or citizen) to do? To create, we often talk about things like “funnels, leads, hits, conversions, engagement,” but rarely pause to ask what role our products play in the greater digital ecosystem. How can we design (or consume) digital products in a way that supports our growth, both as individuals and as a society?

Please note: this event will be hosted at the Flatiron School. Please check the location before you make your way over!

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Jess Brown
Director of UX, VICE Media
Jess Brown leads the digital design team as Director of UX at VICE, where she focuses on showcasing VICE’s distinct storytelling on mobile, web, and TV apps. Since joining VICE, she’s worked on five initiatives–VICE Video, VICELAND digital, VICE mobile apps, a network-wide web redesign, and a brand new CMS. Previously, she was the first UX practitioner at Rent the Runway, where she established design and research practices that brought users’ stories to the heart of the product. She’s fascinated by the co-evolution of culture and technology, and remains an optimist.