High X Design

Apr 20, 2017 @ 7 p.m. in San Francisco
We are living in a time when political and cultural attitudes towards cannabis, both medical and recreational, are shifting. Along with mindsets the quality, growing methods, and production are evolving too. Taking note from Silicon Valley, distribution, brand, and UX are starting to reflect elements of our favorite digital products and luxury goods. In this series of lighting talks we will discuss how innovation and design are shaping the cannabis industry today.

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Eric De Feo

Co-Founder at Root

Eric has spent the last 3 years translating his background in architecture and product design into building environmentally sustainable companies. His area of focus is the future of farming and collaborative living. As the co-founder of ROOT, he is launching a plug-and-play smart garden that will give people the green thumb they need to start growing at home. His larger vision is using this technology to build and sustain community-focused real estate development projects.
Andrea Brooks

Founder of Sava

Andrea Brooks is the Founder and CEO of SAVA, an e-commerce platform for curated cannabis goods. A program development specialist with expertise in the field of the health and human services, Ms. Brooks has worked with NGOs around the world including Israel and the Palestinian Territories, Tanzania, Nigeria and San Francisco. She is a past recipient of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission's Fair Housing Award and has served as Vice-Chair on the Commission for Animal Control and Welfare of San Francisco. Following a disabling injury in which cannabis played a crucial role in her recovery, Ms. Brooks pivoted to apply her savvy at conducting needs assessments, developing strategic partnerships and creating new revenue sources to the cannabis space. She is currently working to bring high-quality cannabis medicine to patients throughout California.
Meg Owen
Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Leafly
Meg Owen is the Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Leafly, overseeing outbound communication efforts including digital advertising, social media, influencer programming and email marketing. Meg joined Leafly recently after spending seven years at Edelman where she executed strategies for major entertainment, consumer and technology brands including Microsoft, Starz, REI and Starbucks. Prior to Edelman, Meg spent time working as a senior publicist in New York City, promoting theatrical productions and entertainment activations including Margaret Cho’s The Sensuous Woman, Broadway’s Rock of Ages and Family Guy Live. Meg has been seen speaking about digital marketing and social media across the country, most recently she was a featured speaker at SXSW discussing digital analytics, ROI and reporting.
Michael Ray

Founder & Executive Director of Bloom Farms

Michael Ray was born in San Francisco and raised in the Sierra Foothill Mountains on his family ranch known as Bloom Farms. He is a cannabis advocate, lobbyist for social change, and entrepreneur with a passion for technology and design. As the founder and Executive Director of Bloom Farms, Michael oversees all day-to-day operations of the company as well as Bloom Farms’ 1-for-1 program: For every product purchased, Bloom Farms donates one meal to a food-insecure family in California. Bloom Farms has donated nearly 500,000 meals to food banks throughout California.
Jerry Kieran
Chief Business Development Officer at Fluence Bioengineering
Fluence Bioengineering is evolving the way the world cultivates food, medicine and our collective understanding of photobiology. As Chief Business Development Officer, Jerry Kieran's focus is on helping clients ‘herd’ photons, make informed choices, and better understand complex capital allocation decisions that impact long-term financial performance. In addition to being an owner at Fluence, Jerry also owns a 15,000 sq ft cannabis cultivation facility in Denver and is an equity partner in a fund in California that controls ~2.6 MM sq ft of both indoor and greenhouse cultivation.
Jenna Meister
Co-founder of Henry's Original
Jenna Meister is the Co-founder of Henry's Original, an all-natural brand of sustainably grown cannabis products. Based in Mendocino County, Henry's Original is one of the only companies to offer Clean Green Certified cannabis, the closest you can get to organic cannabis. Jenna previously led operations across 20 countries as Airbnb’s Global Head of Community, directing community engagement during Airbnb’s international expansion, rebrand, and numerous launches for over four years.