Gifts & Giving In The Cognitive Age: It's The Thought That Counts

Filmed on November 17, 2016 in New York

Greed, generosity, and gratitude are quintessentially human traits, but this holiday season we’ll increasingly delegate the actual shopping to AI agents and algorithms. Beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday, what will be the lasting changes to our relationship with technology, and with each other?

In this talk, Michael Horn and Sophie Kleber from Huge will talk about the marriage of data science, user experience, and emotions of giving. They'll look at how relationships and shopping come together for data-driven product companies.

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Michael Horn
Managing Director of Data Science at Huge
Michael Horn is the Managing Director of Data Science at Huge, a leading design and digital transformation agency, where he leads a 70-person global team of researchers and analysts for clients like Google, Nike, and the U.S. government.
Sophie Kleber
Executive Director of Product & Innovation at Huge
Sophie Kleber is Executive Director of Product & Innovation at Huge. She has worked with a variety of clients on user experience and product design challenges. Sophie is a frequent speaker at design conferences around the world.