Get Shit Done Club

Apr 5, 2018 @ 7 p.m. in San Francisco
We’ve all been there. It’s the project that didn’t come with a brief. The launch that doesn’t have clear decision makes. The cultural shift without the guard rails. The stakeholder review that becomes a creative jam session. These are the moments in creative work when we all wished we had someone to keep the beat, to drive the work, to make the connections, and to maintain collective focus. Those critical roles are held by producers, program managers, coordinators and production crews. Never mind what you call them, they’re in the Get Shit Done Club. In this episode of Designers + Geeks, we’ll hear from folks across design strategy and operations who have a point of view on why this disciplines matters more than ever.

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Courtney Kaplan
Design Program Management at Facebook

In 2013, Courtney started the Design Program Management discipline at Facebook to help build the rapidly growing business design team. Today, she is the Director of Design Program Management supporting a team involved onboarding, industry education, customer understanding as well as specific product groups and regional design offices. She is passionate about building strong design organizations that let designers design; while creating robust professional paths for a team of talented DPMs devoted to bringing (some) order to chaos.

Josh Silverman
Design Producer at Twitter

Josh Silverman is a designer, entrepreneur, educator, advisor, community builder, and eternal optimist. Currently, he’s Twitter’s first Design Producer in Product, where he manages and facilitates weekly design critique, is establishing a design education program, and ushering in a new set of principles and systems for the global design and research team. Previously, he founded Schwadesign, a network of experts in brand identity design, content strategy, marketing, and engineering, where he curated and led custom teams of 2 to 25 individuals to serve the needs of startups, Fortune 500 international corporations, cities, national non-profits, artists, and community orgs. Josh was the first Visual Design Fellow at General Assembly San Francisco, and has taught and guest lectured at CreativeLive, RISD, MassArt, CCA, UCLA, and more. He has been recognized for his work in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, ReCode, The Boston Globe, Print, and others. He’s based in San Francisco, enjoys cooking, doing anything outside (particularly long cycles), and is working on his first book about first meetings.

Amanda Waybolt
Director of Experience Strategy at Doremus

Amanda has 10 years of strategy, brand, facilitation, and management experience for B2B / B2C companies and startups clients, including Intel, LEGO, and PPG, as well as international and local companies, NGOs, startups, and nonprofits. She received her BA in Public Relations from Boston University, and thrives in the realm of “never been done before.” With a global foundation in the Peace Corps launching a 17-country initiative, Amanda faces every challenge with the same audacious belief that nimble technology and scrappy teams can move the needle towards positive results in any sector. A strategic thinker through and through, Amanda is always looking for innovative ways to push brand potential and cut the process fat so real, good work can have space to grow. Other notable clients include UNICEF, Corning Gorilla Glass, OXFAM, Elefint Designs, Plantronics, and KIDmob.

Arianna Pilram
Senior Producer at Uber

Arianna Pilram received a fine arts film degree from the University of California, San Diego, where she was also a 4-year Varsity rower on the Women’s Crew team. In many ways, her career path followed her trajectory of rowing accomplishments. 3 years ago, she joined Uber as the first video producer and helped to develop the Production team. Leaning on 8+ years of experience as an Editor, Production Supervisor and Agency Producer gave her the perspective to navigate the fast paced and ever-changing environment at Uber. Today, she's used 3-years of experience on Uber’s Brand team to lead production efforts for Uber’s newest endeavor — flying vehicles.

Outside of work, Arianna coaches open water rowing in Sausalito and rows with San Francisco's historic South End Rowing Club. She also shares office space at Uber with her identical twin sister, and leans on her husband Matthew (an aspiring pilot) for aviation guidance.

Kristen Virdone
Content Strategy Manager at Thumbtack

Kristen is a writer and strategist with a background in molecular biology. She’s an unofficial expert at taking complicated things and making them easy to understand. She likes writing and designing for companies that use science and technology to make people’s lives easier, and is always looking for ways to surprise and excite users along the way. Before working at Thumbtack, Kristen wrote for Nest and Apple. Outside of work, she likes cooking breakfast for dinner, playing volleyball, and paddleboarding anytime she’s near a beach.

Josh Sassoon
Product Designer at Thumbtack

Josh is a product designer currently leading product design for the Thumbtack Pro experience. Throughout his design career he's dabbled in art direction, motion design, illustration, brand work, user research, and even writing some code. He's passionate about creating delightful and useful tools, and he's especially excited about the opportunities the Pro teams at Thumbtack are creating for growing small businesses. Prior to Thumbtack he co-founded a startup focused on team collaboration, with earlier gigs at YouTube, Apple and Sony Music Entertainment. Outside of work he’s an avid illustrator/doodler, a very (very) amateur violinist, and likes to bake giant chocolate chip cookies.