No Such Thing as a Dull Problem

Filmed on May 17, 2018 in San Francisco

As designers we are problem solvers. Often, we celebrate the elegant superficial aspects of design. Yet many of the decisions made are invisible. We find ourselves thinking through a much larger array of problem spaces than ever before. Many of the problems in these spaces may seem uninteresting at face value. Yet when you dig in, you get to realize how much of a challenge they actually are.

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Maykel Loomans

Product Designer and Advisor

Maykel Loomans is a digital product designer, investor and advisor. He likes to solve complex, ambiguous problems and build products through a combination of design, product management, data analysis and prototyping. Maykel works at Facebook and was previously at Instagram for three years. Next to his day job he makes photographs, invests in startups, and advises companies and people