Designing Machines

May 17, 2018 @ 7 p.m. in San Francisco

Responsible Artificial Intelligence | Clara Kliman-Silver

Ethics and AI have been in the news a lot lately, but how do we go about creating AI products that are ethical, inclusive, and trustworthy? Where is the line between “cool” and “creepy?” This talk will cover user research and design techniques to help you create products that use AI in helpful and responsible ways. 

Never a Dull Problem | Maykel Loomans

As designers we are problem solvers. Often, we celebrate the elegant superficial aspects of design. Yet many of the decisions made are invisible. We find ourselves thinking through a much larger array of problem spaces than ever before. Many of the problems in these spaces may seem uninteresting at face value. Yet when you dig in, you get to realize how much of a challenge they actually are.

Developing a Design Environment | Jules Forrest
In engineering organizations, maintaining a standard development environment is essential for successful team collaboration. Aligning tools and processes help ensure that each person’s code contributions can be combined smoothly to build a functioning product.

The same idea is applicable to design organizations. By developing design environments, we can be confident that our work will look and behave consistently as we scale teams, collaborate on features and create new products. This talk will cover what design environments look like and how they can improve the experience of using a design system.

Designing For Stigma: A Framework | Dan Miller
How might we design products for populations in which stigma is part of their experience? In this talk, we will explore a design mechanism to begin answering this question. Understanding how to address these types of problems will enable us to design solutions for some of the largest challenges humans face today - in Healthcare, AI, Finance, Government, etc.

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Dan Miller
Digital Health Entrepreneur
Dan founded Level Therapy, an online platform for accessing mental health care. Before Level Therapy, he founded the world's first marketplace that helped musicians book studio time anywhere. He was early at SurveyMonkey, managed all of the market research at Salesforce, and Business Insider has named him one of the top 46 African-Americans in Tech. When he is not working, you can catch him making up his own jingles, or on a dance floor somewhere.
Clara Kliman-Silver
UX Designer at Bonsai
Clara Kliman-Silver is UX designer and researcher who specializes in AI, data visualization, and enterprise systems. She works as a UX designer at Bonsai, an artificial intelligence platform company in Berkeley, California, and serves as a strategist for Ladies That UX, an international organization providing education and leadership opportunities in UX. Clara holds an Sc.B. in Cognitive Science from Brown University.
Maykel Loomans

Product Designer and Advisor

Maykel Loomans is a digital product designer, investor and advisor. He likes to solve complex, ambiguous problems and build products through a combination of design, product management, data analysis and prototyping. Maykel works at Facebook and was previously at Instagram for three years. Next to his day job he makes photographs, invests in startups, and advises companies and people
Jules Forrest
Designer & Developer at Credit Karma
Jules Forrest is a product designer and front-end developer leading design systems at Credit Karma in San Francisco. Outside of work, she’s building Women Who Design, a directory of accomplished women in the design industry, to help people diversify their design teams, conferences and Twitter feeds. In her free time, she loves experimenting with grids, typography and layout on CodePen.