Designing for Inclusion

Nov 15, 2018 @ 7 p.m. in San Francisco

Design, particularly design in tech, tends to focus on impact. How can your design work affect the most change in the world? How can design improve lives? To have the most real-world impact, the design industry is learning that inclusion is key. When scaling digital design requires mass participation, it's crucial to design for the entire range of people who your design is intended to impact. In this episode of Designers + Geeks, we'll hear from designers who are thinking about designing a more inclusive world and how they are approaching inclusion in their work.

Special: we are co-hosting this event with Women Talk Design. Our friends at Ueno have made t-shirts to support the event, and all proceeds from the shirt sales will go to Women Talk Design.

Also, Dribbble and Ueno have graciously offered to sponsor Women Talk Design workshop scholarships. We thank them for the support of this great organization. More on the Women Talk Design events can be found here.

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Anita Cheng

Content Designer at San Francisco Digital Services

Anita is a former cancer researcher who went into tech to help people faster. She gets to do just that working for government, currently as a content designer for San Francisco Digital Services . Previously, she worked on the websites for affordable housing programs in San Francisco, as well as building inspection at the City of Los Angeles.

Xiaomin Jiang

Product Designer at Wells Fargo Innovation Group.

Xiaomin is a user experience designer based in San Francisco. She is currently working at the Innovation Group of Wells Fargo. She spends most of her day exploring the future of financial products and services. She believes active listening is the key to designing engaging experiences for people. In her downtime, you can often find her dancing Argentine Tango. She loves connecting with people through interactive conversations without words.

Julia Debari

Design Educator at GrowthX Academy

Julia has a multi-disciplinary background working at agencies, enterprises, startups, and in-house teams in a wide range of industries including education, travel, finance, e-commerce, and technology. She has had design roles at Razorfish, Sapient, VMWare, TripIt, Epsilon, and many others. Julia thrives on challenging, complex problems and innovative strategies for solving them – she questions assumptions and dig for details. Julia specializes in design education, the user experience of that education, and ed-tech. She has a background in Human Centered Design and Instructional Design.