Designing Autonomous Vehicles

Aug 15, 2019 @ 7 p.m. in San Francisco

Autonomous vehicles will have a profound impact on the world in the coming years. They will almost certainly have life-changing effects for all of us, like it or not. So what's it like to work on the design of such a profoundly influential technology? What are the considerations, practices, and ideas that underlie the work?

In this session of Designers + Geeks, we'll look at the work of creative professionals in the autonomous vehicle industry. This event is not likely to be recorded, so join us in person for a great set of talks!

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Nastasha Tan

Head of Design at Uber ATG

Nastasha Tan is the Head of Design at Uber ATG, where she leads a multidisciplinary design team of product designers, researchers, and brand designers who help to shape our autonomy technology and define our future ride experience. Prior to Uber ATG, she was the Design Director at IDEO, helping her clients design experiences that humanize technology across mobility, beauty, health, and products.

Francisco Guzman

Lead Product Designer at Nuro

Francisco is a product designer interested in the intersection of technology and the social sciences. He’s currently a product designer at Nuro, a robotics company that has built a new class of self-driving vehicles designed purely for local goods transportation. At Nuro he designs software to help manage the fleet, consumer interfaces and conducts user research to inform the vehicle user experience. Prior to Nuro, Francisco led the design of Instacart’s supply-focused products that ensure customers get what they want when they want it. Francisco has an undergraduate degree in industrial engineering and computer science from Stanford University.