Developing a Design Environment

Filmed on May 17, 2018 in San Francisco

In engineering organizations, maintaining a standard development environment is essential for successful team collaboration. Aligning tools and processes help ensure that each person’s code contributions can be combined smoothly to build a functioning product. The same idea is applicable to design organizations. By developing design environments, we can be confident that our work will look and behave consistently as we scale teams, collaborate on features and create new products. This talk will cover what design environments look like and how they can improve the experience of using a design system.

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Jules Forrest
Designer & Developer at Credit Karma
Jules Forrest is a product designer and front-end developer leading design systems at Credit Karma in San Francisco. Outside of work, she’s building Women Who Design, a directory of accomplished women in the design industry, to help people diversify their design teams, conferences and Twitter feeds. In her free time, she loves experimenting with grids, typography and layout on CodePen.