Demystifying the Design Sprint

May 18, 2017 @ 7 p.m. in Cambridge

Learn how to use Design Sprints to identify a problem, brainstorm solutions, and create a prototype to validate or invalidate that proposed solution. Each phase is time boxed to create ‘aha’ moments, fail faster, and rapidly iterate on a solution to reach success. Validating product concepts increases speed to market and lowers the chance of failure.

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Evan Ryan
Chief Product Officer at Fresh Tilled Soil

Evan Ryan is a seasoned product executive with over a decade of experience bringing products from concept to market. As Chief Product Officer at Fresh Tilled Soil, Evan focuses on understanding ecosystems and extracting user insights to guide strategy and drive innovation. He works with a variety of organizations to solve mission­ critical problems and effect change; from startups, to non-­profits, to Fortune 500 companies. Evan extends his knowledge and learnings to others through speaking engagements, custom workshops, and as an adjunct professor at IE Business School's Business Impact Lab in Madrid, Spain. He is also writing his first book for O’Reilly Media on the topic of product roadmapping, titled "Product Roadmapping: Align Your Teams and Deliver”.