Delightful Devices

Jan 19, 2017 @ 7 p.m. in San Francisco
From our phones to sleep sensors to coffee scales, everyday objects are becoming increasingly connected and intelligent thanks to The Internet of Things. We have more data about our lives and can make smarter decisions with these small but mighty machines. In this episode of Designers + Geeks, we will discuss getting started in developing delightful devices with a few of our favorite creators in this space.

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Mike Vladimer
Co-founder of IoT Studio at Orange Silicon Valley

Mike Vladimer is the Co-Founder of the IoT Studio at Orange Silicon Valley, the innovation strategy office for Orange, one of Europe’s biggest telecommunications operators. Previously, he was Director of Business Development at Neura, an internet-of-things (IoT) security startup. Mike holds an MBA from Berkeley-Haas and an MS Electrical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon. Follow him on Twitter @MikeVladimer.

Amy Wibowo
Creator of BubbleSort Zines

Amy Wibowo is a programmer, author of BubbleSort Zines, which explain how computers work via drawings and stories, former machine learning and HCI researcher, passionate about the intersection of art and technology and making CS education more accessible. She is an alumni of Airbnb, Asimo, MIT and University of Tokyo.

Gabriel Valdivia
Product Designer at Facebook

Gabriel Valdivia is a product designer on VR at Facebook. Previously led design of smart driving technologies at Automatic. He spends half of his time drawing boxes and circles and the other half talking about them.