Cultivating the New

Filmed on April 27, 2017 in New York
Design is connected to everything we see, use and experience with lasting impact on individuals and businesses. Taking a closer look at research and development (R&D), we are constantly searching for alternatives that bring efficient solutions to make people's lives easier. Daniel Soltis will uncover the secrets behind building an R&D approach into your work—whether you're based in an agency or a business—or you're a student. That ranges from everything he’s learned from collaborating with multi-disciplinary experts—to engaging users and building useful prototypes. Soltis will focus on cultivating this unique spot in a designer's mind—and the future growth of business. Attendees will walk away with concrete ideas on how to make things happen.

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Daniel Soltis
User Experience Director at Moving Brands
Daniel Soltis is a user experience director at Moving Brands, where he has led brand strategy work with clients including Nuance, Progress and Lexmark, and UX for digital design projects with clients including DeviantArt, Swisscom, Cooley, Phaidon and Madefire. Daniel is also a core part of Moving Brands' innovation team, leading projects that push the boundaries of emerging technologies such as gestural interfaces and 3D printing. In his past lives he's done interactive product and installation design, taught, edited, and studied physics.