Create a Future for All

Filmed on July 18, 2019 in San Francisco

Kevin Web Page of Kevin Web Page at our "Talks on the Subversion of Cute and Designing Responsible Tech" series.

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Kevin Web Page

Experience Leader at Kevin Web Page

Designers are responsible for more outcomes than they realize. In technology and design, designers have a responsibility to deliver ethical experiences for people, not just users or customers. Tech companies now realize this need and are hiring ethical advisors and designers. Learn how to become an ethical designer by hearing from Kevin Web Page. It's time to make the design experience better for humans, not just users.

Kevin Web Page creates ethical innovation solutions for businesses and people. His strategies leverage APIs, developers, and emerging technology. Page is the founder of 150+ community, founder of Ethical Tech World, and host of Kevin Web Page Show. Through conferences and online publications, Page shares how to create a future for all.