Branding The New Wild West

Filmed on April 21, 2016 in San Francisco
Designer Tina Hardison shares some insights and best practices about branding in the legal marijuana industry.

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Tina Hardison
Designer at FromTheDeskOf
Tina Hardison is a San Francisco based brand designer and creative director. She works with mission based businesses to develop brands and bring brand experiences to life. Over the past several years Tina has focused on building brands for the emerging legal California cannabis industry. Tina has worked with cannabis cultivators, edibles producers, and product companies—such as PAX Vaporizers, Humboldt Legends, and Smaak Edibles—that share her vision of shaping a positive future for cannabis. Tina also teaches in the Graphic Design department at California College of the Arts, where she gets to hang out with cooler and more talented designers than her.