Anxy Magazine, the Boundaries Issue

Filmed on July 19, 2018 in San Francisco

Anxy is a group of people who have come together due to their similar experiences with mental illness. They created their magazine in the hopes that people will begin to see mental illnesses not as diseases, but rather as things of beauty. In this talk, Anxy gives a unique insight on how certain mental problems can be used to inspire creativity and design.

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Bobbie Johnson
Editor in Chief
Bobbie Johnson, Anxy’s editor-in-chief. He was previously head of editorial and curation at Medium, and the founding editor of Matter, the ASME-winning, Pulitzer-shortlisted, online magazine. Before that he was a reporter and editor at the Guardian
Katie MacBride
Associate Editor
Katie MacBride is an associate editor at Anxy and a freelance writer. Her work has appeared in Rolling Stone, New York Magazine, and The Establishment among other outlets. She is a contributing editor at Book Riot.
Indhira Rojas
Founder of Anxy Magazine
Indhira Rojas is the founder of Anxy, and creative director and principal at Anagraph. For over a decade she has worked in the intersection of branding, editorial, and interaction design for The Bold Italic, Modern Farmer, Atlas Obscura and Medium.
Michelle Le
Director of Photography
Michelle Le, Anxy’s director of photography, is an award-winning editorial photographer and photo editor specializing in investigative reporting and in-depth enterprising stories. She's a former photo editor for Medium and her work has appeared in WIRED, the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Bloomberg and the San Francisco Chronicle.
Madison Kahn
Senior Editor
Madison Kahn, Anxy’s senior editor, is the content lead at Light. She was previously a senior editor at Medium and Matter, and worked on the editorial teams at Outside and Boston magazine.